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What I exchanged my wallet for..

It’s in the mail!

1 x Monster Manual 2
1 x Player’s Handbook II
1 x Dungeon Master’s Screen
1 x Monster Manual 4.0
1 x Player’s Handbook 4.0
1 x Dungeon Master’s Guide 4.0
1 x Dungeon Delve

I couldn’t get myself to buy a starter kit instead. You better be worth it, 4E! update should be fit for its first trial soon. I’d like to add some icons first but its probably best to get it out there so it can receive some constructive criticism.

Just finished adding new templates. These templates don’t fit a picture but each template provides enough flexibility and colors for a quick deck of power, item or monster cards.

Won’t be long now!

Install XP for physical system with vmware (stop 0x0000007B boot error)

Sometimes you want to install windows on a spare disk for some gaming without it eating your Linux partition or interrupting your other activities. If you happen to have vmware, there is a way to accomplish this.

Disclaimer: This installation is somewhat advanced as it requires you to improvise around the specifics of your system and success depends on your hardware. If you are uncertain the low tech way of unplugging your Linux drives and installing it on the remaining windows drive may be a better way to go.

Ingredients: Linux (I used Debian Etch), vmware (I used workstation 6.5), windows XP CD or iso, a spare hard disk, and a motherboard with a somewhat standard HD controller.

  1. In vmware, create a new image that uses your intended windows physical disk. In my case vmware had some trouble picking up my /dev/hda, so ln -sv hda sdc and then referring to /dev/sdc as physical disk allowed me to use it.
  2. Install XP on your physical disk.
  3. Since the virtual controller is different from your own, you’ll have to install some drivers by hand so your physical device will boot properly. (You’ll get a nasty blue screen stop 0x0000007B boot error otherwise) Visit and follow the instructions listed under ‘more information’ about adding to the registry and copying drivers under vmware.
  4. Add your new drive to grub menu.lst (usually located in /boot/grub/): (In this case, hd1,0 is my windows drive, make sure your drive is listed in or it wont work

Title Microsoft Windows XP
map (hd0,0) (hd1,0)
map (hd1,0) (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

Thats all there is too it! After booting Windows will need to install drivers for everything, even your USB controller, so you might have to revert to a PS2 keyboard during this part.

D&D 4e playing cards

D&D 4e introduces power/item and monster cards as a main game mechanic. I know WoTC provides means to print or buy these cards, but what about homebrew content? What would be better to lighten the load of my fellow dungeon masters than providing web tool to create and share high quality printable cards, that fit into standard sleeves no less!

The premise is simple; provide a handful of prefab card templates, allow dungeon masters to fill in the blanks (be it text, images or icons), and generate a print quality pdf for them to download.

Its not limited to D&D though, I hope to expand it with templates for a broad range of games.

Learning new technologies is always a nice excuse to go on a sidetrack, and this is going to be a nice proof of concept for a, dare I say it, webbased Redblade.

Keep your eye on, I plan to put a beta live before the end of May.

Seam 2.1 and Icefaces 1.8 issue

Seems mixing seam jsf tags is causing some issues (for me at least).

Icefaces 1.8 SessionRenderer.render from within a @asynchronous Seam 2.1 Pojo is causing ViewExpiredException exceptions under certain conditions, failing the rerender.

12:23:43,465 FATAL [lifecycle] JSF1054: (Phase ID: RESTORE_VIEW 1, View ID: ) Exception thrown during phase execution: javax.faces.event.PhaseEvent[source=com.sun.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl@13af4e5]
12:23:43,469 ERROR [ViewRootStateManagerImpl] Missing ViewRoot in restoreState, ice.session: TOuIKvW0_UB0cjooWt11ig, viewNumber: 11

The culprit seems to be using any s:link calling an action (s:link action=”#{iconHome.done}”). Clicking it breaks any SessionRenderer on that Session in the future. Whenever you trigger the SessionRenderer, It tries to rerender the jsf view with s:link instead of the currently active view, and fails.

For now i’m working around it by using ice:commandLink instead.