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Ludum Dare 27 Entry: Love Your Pets!


When a Captains dream of playing fetch is crushed by Xenomorphs in the bulkheads of the SCC-Benjamin, there is only one thing left for him to do: make the rescue quota and get the hell off this boat! 

I didn’t quite manage to finish as much as I would’ve liked, but it was entertaining to make nonetheless. I hope you enjoy playing it! 

Required: Java 6+, OpenGL. Tested on Windows only, might work on other platforms as well.

Download and Play Love Your Pets – LD27 edition (Jar)

LD27 Warmup Entry: Dubstep Hairdresser

Thought I’d have some fun and post a little warmup entry this LD.
Can you use this glorious toy to create and share the wonderful hairdo’s from your dreams, all while the beat drops? Yes you can! Probably. I wouldn’t recommend it. 
You can see people’s creations here.dubstep-hairdresser-product
This piece of sillyness cost me a couple of hours to make, reusing parts of Mini LD 43 Entry: Dreamcake Rescue. Pretty happy how the hair mechanics turned out, didn’t think some ad-hoc physics would work  so well.