Ludum Dare 27 Entry: Love Your Pets!


When a Captains dream of playing fetch is crushed by Xenomorphs in the bulkheads of the SCC-Benjamin, there is only one thing left for him to do: make the rescue quota and get the hell off this boat! 

I didn’t quite manage to finish as much as I would’ve liked, but it was entertaining to make nonetheless. I hope you enjoy playing it! 

Required: Java 6+, OpenGL. Tested on Windows only, might work on other platforms as well.

Download and Play Love Your Pets – LD27 edition (Jar)

LD27 Warmup Entry: Dubstep Hairdresser

Thought I’d have some fun and post a little warmup entry this LD.
Can you use this glorious toy to create and share the wonderful hairdo’s from your dreams, all while the beat drops? Yes you can! Probably. I wouldn’t recommend it. 
You can see people’s creations here.dubstep-hairdresser-product
This piece of sillyness cost me a couple of hours to make, reusing parts of Mini LD 43 Entry: Dreamcake Rescue. Pretty happy how the hair mechanics turned out, didn’t think some ad-hoc physics would work  so well.

Ludum Dare 26 Results: Steve Can’t Zen

Participated in the Ludum Dare this year! Reached the top 10 for humor with Steve Can’t Zen. Fun!
Reviewer playing Steve Can’t Zen
Coding the Game

and finally the final scores

Coolness 100%
#8 Humor 4.12
#175 Graphics 3.73
#207 Overall 3.56
#217 Fun 3.40
#247 Mood 3.28
#405 Innovation 3.31
#533 Theme 3.56
#690 Audio 2.47

More here

Minecraft needs more blocks!

Released preview of infiniminer/minecraft clone!

IDM Gameplay 1/3 – Backward swords, pumps and pipes

IDM Gameplay 2/3 – Axles, Nukes and Drawbridges

IDM Gameplay 3/3 – Mixing Pipes and Bridges, Crafting Axes.


Sennheiser USB headset under Windows 7

I had some trouble getting my Sennheiser USB headset to work under Windows 7. Some of the headsets are incompatible with Vista (and Windows 7), but luckily can be upgraded.

How I got it to work:

  1. Plug your headset into a XP or Vista PC. The upgrading process won’t work under Windows 7.
  2. Download firmware upgrade.
  3. Run the downloaded executable. It will install a temporary driver, and upgrade the firmware on your headset.
  4. Done! Plug it into your Windows 7 machine.

Redblade and progression

Even with a couple of short outages traffic is slowly picking up for Time to add some additional languages! I’d like to encourage people to share and increase community as well; everyone seems reluctant to click the ‘share’ button.

On a different note, vacation is coming up in two weeks, which should hopefully give me enough time to get Redblade CG released!