Speculative Netbook of 5e

After all the 4e hating on D&D forums everywhere, somebody on twitter decided to lighten the mood and start hating 5e early.

Preview of 5th edition, @howstuffworks: Twitter unites speculative hating

Speculative hating has to be the greatest invention ever! Made me think, wouldn’t it be great to be able to play this 5e everyone was talking about? So I collected all the hate and design a netbook for playing a 5e game, several years before its released!

Don’t forget to check out the twitters first though, they work best as oneliners.

Download: Speculative Netbook of 5e (pdf, 350kb)

Edit: New version. Includes power cards and the elusive power gamer monster!
Edit: 09/06 Someone made a character sheet for 5e!

Yes, even you, devout 1e, 2e, 3e and 3.5e players, can skip right to the vastly superior 5e!

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