Redblade and godecktyourself.com progression

Even with a couple of short outages traffic is slowly picking up for godeckyourself.com. Time to add some additional languages! I’d like to encourage people to share and increase community as well; everyone seems reluctant to click the ‘share’ button.

On a different note, vacation is coming up in two weeks, which should hopefully give me enough time to get Redblade CG released!

godeckyourself pdf improvements

some nifty changes coming up this weekend, all related to pdf generation.

New generation options:

  • A3 anyone?: Support for more paper sizes.
  • Attach Backside to card: allows you to flip flimsy office paper into decent card thickness.
  • Card padding: Cards are now separated, so color smearing won’t be an issue.
  • Card scaling: For those that want better readable cards, or to optimize cards-per-page.
  • Foldable storage box: Convenient storage box that fits your cards.
  • Improved cutting guidelines: Now covers the whole page, and placed against the card instead of over it.
  • Introduction page: Gives printing instructions, and adds the title, link and description of the card.
  • Margins: Specify your own margins.

All in all this will allow you to create a neat little personalized package for your decks. Can’t wait to get this finished!

godeckyourself.com template preview, and more

You can now enjoy the following new features on godeckyourself.com

  • Style Library: Users can now visually inspect and select available card templates and styles, instead of having to browse through them via textual links.
  • Pre-filled in fields: Fields that are generally static will be copied over to new cards in the deck. The Character Creator style Power Card is the only style currently configured for this, more will follow.
  • Download Emergency Patch: Download issues won’t be gone, but should be less frequent.

Next up: new themes!

godeckyourself.com update

enworld put godeckyourself.com in the spotlight.
A lot of decks have spawned but not a lot of people are sharing them yet; nobody seems to want to go first. I hope time will change that.

The server has had some slight glitches, as does the card generation and downloading, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Performance has been good across the board.

Overall I’m happy with the results. Can’t wait to see the statistics on Google analytics tomorrow.

Fourth edition is kinda fun!

Going into it with some doubts, I’ve had a highly entertaining day playing 4e.

There are a lot of things I like about it, and while its a lot leaner and meaner it just screams for some digital DM support. Its a pity the licenses are so restrictive, I’m sure Redblade CG could handle 4e with ease.

On another note, I’m slowly getting some feedback on Godeckyourself.com. Shifting its focus to assisting the dungeon master in creating weekly props quickly was a good choice and I feel it fits the webbased medium perfectly.

Next weekend: Redblade CG!

godeckyourself.com update

godeckyourself.com should be fit for its first trial soon. I’d like to add some icons first but its probably best to get it out there so it can receive some constructive criticism.

Just finished adding new templates. These templates don’t fit a picture but each template provides enough flexibility and colors for a quick deck of power, item or monster cards.

Won’t be long now!