Redblade and progression

Even with a couple of short outages traffic is slowly picking up for Time to add some additional languages! I’d like to encourage people to share and increase community as well; everyone seems reluctant to click the ‘share’ button.

On a different note, vacation is coming up in two weeks, which should hopefully give me enough time to get Redblade CG released!

Redblade CG update

Redblade CG has been shelved for three years now and unshelving it is taking more effort than I thought. Time to plan some vacation next month to get it done!

The 4e license makes a public 4e version out of the question, but I’d love to complete Redblade CG Sourcebooks for 3.5e and Paizo’s Pathfinder. I wonder if Paizo would like a free official chargen? :X

Fourth edition is kinda fun!

Going into it with some doubts, I’ve had a highly entertaining day playing 4e.

There are a lot of things I like about it, and while its a lot leaner and meaner it just screams for some digital DM support. Its a pity the licenses are so restrictive, I’m sure Redblade CG could handle 4e with ease.

On another note, I’m slowly getting some feedback on Shifting its focus to assisting the dungeon master in creating weekly props quickly was a good choice and I feel it fits the webbased medium perfectly.

Next weekend: Redblade CG!

Redblade Update

I’ve spent a little more time than intended on my new wishlist tool, which is going to help me structure my further developments of Redblade 3.5 and Redblade CG.

Gremlin wish tracking tool

This means the Redblade CG release and Redblade 3.5 Open Sourcing will take a little longer. I’ll keep you posted!

Redblade 3.5

Just archiving Redblade 3.5’s source and putting it online is not going to be enough; ensuring its survival requires a developers guide and removal of its Delphi dependency.

For that reason I’ve downloaded an open source development environment instead; the latest version of lazarus, a Delphi emulator backed by Free Pascal 2.2.2

It was suprisingly easy to create a proof of concept working version of Redblade 3.5, as you can see in the picture.

I think a few nights of coding should be enough to create a polished Windows version, and if we’re lucky, a Linux and Mac. OS version. Any testers?

Redblade CG, Redblade 3.5

After reading up on all the pleading posts on the Redblade forums I’ve decided to release Redblade’s 3.5 source code into public domain, and Release CG as is. I would like it to become a successful open source project eventually, but for now I want to see if it has a chance.

Redblade CG, Redblade 3.5

I’ve always found it hard to balance time between projects, social life, an work. Staying loyal to one project implies abandoning or at least pausing others, and Redblade CG and Redblade 3.5 have, in a way, fallen victim.

I’ve been asked many times to complete Redblade CG, or at least release the source so others can complete it.

Redblade 3.5 still has a nice user base and I would like to release the source as public domain eventually. It has reached its expiration date though, so beyond a few bugfixes I have no plans to change it, now or in the future.

Redblade CG was very close to completion when I put it on pause, and I’ve always been irked by its non-release. Still I think it requires one or two months of attention before its fit for release, and that’s ignoring the whole D&D 4e debacle. I am considering an unofficial release now to see what people think; if it gains enough momentum I might be willing to put some effort in.