Elder Brain

Elder Brain is born!

My main goal is to create a game that explores some ideas that have been swirling around my head while playing Dwarf Fortress. It’ll be the flavor as Dwarf Fortress, but certainly not the scale.

Basic concept: You play Elder Brain, lord of the Mind Flayers. Your loyal Mind Flayers tend to your fragile body, and act as masters to your workforce of slaves. It is your prerogative to grow the colony how you want it. Can you keep your flayers happy? Will you capture dwarfs to build your fortress, and let your flayers feed upon gnomes? Will you torture your slaves to keep them obedient but broken, or will you treat them fairly?

What interests me:

  • The dynamic between the elder brain, flayers the various slave races and monsters. Each has their own needs and quirks. I’m interesting in bringing the Mind Flayer lore to life.
  • Building an underground domain, quickly. Assisting the player with templates to plop down and providing a uniform user interface should help getting it all set up faster.
  • I’m avoiding features that already exist in DF. I’m interested in the digging, logistics, graphical feel, interaction and make your own story aspects of DF.

To address the big giant trashing about the playground: Elder Brain is to Dwarf Fortress what fan art is to Anime; horribly deformed, out of tone with the original, but still fun to make!

Anyway, I’ll post my insights as I go along, I hope someone can benefit from the knowledge.

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