Gameplay Element: Chamber Blueprints

One thing I really like about Dwarf Fortress is laying out the perfect fortress. But it’s a time consuming job, so I added the ability to create chamber templates to see how it affects gameplay.

The process is really simple:
1. (B) Blueprint
2. select a square area to use as a blueprint.
3. Use (+) and (-) to rotate the blueprint, (enter) and cursor keys to place.

Some other ideas for later:

  • When doors and furniture become available we can add them to the blueprints, so when the room has been dug, it automatically creates placement orders.
  • Store blueprints in a library for easy placement.
  • It would be nice to tie this in to any thrall or illithid with architectural insight, more skill meaning bigger blueprints.
  • Make the selection area blue with white. they are blueprints after all!

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