godeckyourself pdf improvements

some nifty changes coming up this weekend, all related to pdf generation.

New generation options:

  • A3 anyone?: Support for more paper sizes.
  • Attach Backside to card: allows you to flip flimsy office paper into decent card thickness.
  • Card padding: Cards are now separated, so color smearing won’t be an issue.
  • Card scaling: For those that want better readable cards, or to optimize cards-per-page.
  • Foldable storage box: Convenient storage box that fits your cards.
  • Improved cutting guidelines: Now covers the whole page, and placed against the card instead of over it.
  • Introduction page: Gives printing instructions, and adds the title, link and description of the card.
  • Margins: Specify your own margins.

All in all this will allow you to create a neat little personalized package for your decks. Can’t wait to get this finished!

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  1. Jim


    I love godeckyourself. I’ve been using it extensively in my RPG game and I’ve posted about it at my blog. http://carjackedseraphim.blogspot.com I hope it is coming back. Thanks for all your work on it!


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