Love Your Pets (LD 27 + Post Compo)

When a Captains dream of playing fetch is crushed by Xenomorphs in the bulkheads of the SCC-Benjamin, and a deadly darkness descending every 10 seconds due to a failing generator, there is only one thing left for him to do: make the rescue quota and get the hell off this boat!

About the LD27 Version


I didn’t quite manage to finish and polish as much as I would’ve liked, but it was entertaining to make nonetheless. I hope you enjoy playing it!

  • Controls: awsd, e for throw ball/interact, space to progress dialog, r to restart level (only available during loss conditions).
  • Required: Java 6+, OpenGL. Tested on Windows only, might work on other platforms as well.

Download LoveYourPets LD27 (All Platforms, Java 6+) | Download Sourcecode


Latest Post Competition Build

The Post Competition release is a work in progress, but if you want to take a peek, You can check out the latest build using the link below.

Download LoveYourPets PostComp

(Apha Release, All Platforms, Java 6+)

Plan: Fix Annoyances

The LD27 feedback is top priority for the post competition version. While this version isn’t finished yet You will be able to give it a try soon! See below for a list of all the things I’m planning.

Like to see something in the post competition release? Leave a note



Smoother Walls

The captain no longer drunkenly gets stuck on walls.

Improved Control Scheme

The screen no longer rotates around you!

Improved Selection

Wider angle highlighting.

Planned: Clarity of Death

Things are dangerous! If only they looked dangerous as well...



Windows Version

Windows 7 support

Macintosh Version

Apple fans love pets too!

Planned: Linux Version

Linux Support

Planned: HTML5

Play it in your browser.

Planned: Online coop

Make your friends play as a dog!

More Puzzle Mechanics


Grates Of Death

Darkness loving aliens descend upon unlucky crew near these.


Wires deliver power from energy cells to devices.


Jump your crew from place to place, lets the captain travel the SCC benjamin.

Bulkhead Doors

Doors are hell! Unless you have a key.

Energy Cell

Plug it in a socket to power rooms, structural shielding, and energized plating.

Planned: Permanent Dark Rooms

Planned: Timed Power Outages

Planned: Space Flashlight

Space Flashlight to navigate dark areas... For a price.

Planned: Depressurized Rooms

Deadly hazard

Planned: Captain's Pressure Suit

Pass those nasty depressurized rooms.

Planned: Pressure Suit for Crew

Your crew can equip additional pressure suits to help them pass depressurized rooms.

Planned: Defensive Energized Plating

Energized plating cannot be passed by aliens.

Planned: Power Splitter / Inverter / Relay / Capacitor

Additional alter currents on wires to allow for more interesting puzzles.

Planned: Instrument Panel

Station a Crewmember at these to trigger doors and other machinery. Just don't let them leave or die, or the panel resets.

Planned: Corpse Bridging

Close a gap in wiring with a conveniently corpsed crewmember.

Planned: Poisonous Fumes

Deadly fumes build up and poison your crew...

Planned: Fans and Ducts

Pump fumes about the ship.

Story Arcs


Planned: The Captain's Story

Has a troubled relationship with his rank. How far will he go to escape his predicament?

Planned: The Pet's Story

The bond between pet and owner is as strong as the player deems it..

Planned: The Aliens

More than just a threat...

Planned: SCC-Benjamin

In the future, ships are more than just transport. Ships have feelings too!

Planned: Levels (SCC-Benjamin)

The ship you captain. Or captained. It doubles as your tomb now.

Improved Graphics


Field Of Vision

Darkness falls upon those things you cannot see.


Space Tables, space chairs, space plants, piping...

Planned: More Props

Planned: Alien Infestation

Why are my boots squishing?

Planned: Identifiable Captain

No more stripe with a square!

Planned: Identifiable Crew

Those are not pets! Well. not of the creature variety anyway.