Minecraft needs more blocks!

Released preview of infiniminer/minecraft clone!

IDM Gameplay 1/3 – Backward swords, pumps and pipes

IDM Gameplay 2/3 – Axles, Nukes and Drawbridges

IDM Gameplay 3/3 – Mixing Pipes and Bridges, Crafting Axes.


3 Responses to “Minecraft needs more blocks!”

  1. Johan F

    Cool! :)

  2. draconite

    You’re still alive?
    What happened to Redblade?

  3. Anonymous

    ^^^ Learning how to play DnD now and saw his program, got really curious when I saw a newer version was suppose to release years ago :/ I’ll take the source code off your hands bud 😀 Make it an open source project maybe?


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