MLD45 Entry: Sword, Stealth & Sausage!

This MLD45 coincided with my girlfriend and I acquiring a freshly baked Puppy!


We’ve been in a perpetual state of pee dodging, sock changing, fragmented sleep, and overdosing on cute.

Still eager to participate but with diminished mental capacity, I tricked a friend into  ‘just making a game’ together. Bwoehahaha!

He occasionally sprites you see, but lacked a coder to get things out there. Each Ludum has been a great boost to everything I needed boosted, so figured he might enjoy it as well.

Out of this collaboration Sword, Stealth and Sausage was born, is a top down dungeon crawler/puzzler with a focus on a class switching mechanic to solve puzzles and a disturbing overdose of sausages.

Looking at all the other entries MLD45 entries it didn’t feel right submitting the game. It’s not exactly a text based Pac-Man. Instead we’ve decided to give it a proper polish and release it separately. It’s progressing great so far!

Tell us what you think!

Dev banter and some (low resolution gameplay:

Coding timelapse:

What do you think, should we use it for the October Challenge?


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