Naturally Selected 2 brings you a particle overdose!

MLD50 Entry: Natural Selected 2


“Left by his team, this marine has been naturally selected to defend his commander from waves of Sulks and Gorgels. He must juggle his natural desire to shoot things with an overzealous jet-pack and resource greedy turrets!” 

It has become a whirlwind of particles. And I love it.

Natural Selection 2 is a strange duck; trying to be an FPS and an RTS as the same time. It’s a difficult marriage but a loved one by many. It certainly sucks up my time in more ways than one. Given the level my team is involved with it it was the only choice for a demake.

 Our first two man Ludum Jam, but I’ve been hugely enjoying the collaboration. @Flaterectomy did a great job on the art!

Wield the mighty jetpack!

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