Progress Report: Slavesssssssss

Fresh cubes of slaves await!

  • Several barebone cave towns near the brain chamber are awaiting conquest.
  • Towns can be populated by Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Grimlocks, Gnolls and Orcs, (which can be impregnated), and Halflings, Dwarves, Dark Dwarves, Gnomes, Dark Gnomes, Giants ands Centaurs.
  • Players start with four members of random species, from which /at least/ two allow impregnation. As the plan is to bestow the flayer with its bodies old powers, this will give each play a slightly different experience.
  • When chambers grow too big, they automatically become hallways (the brain chamber started to bleed into every single nook and cranny).

Soon our Flayers can enslave, impregnate, eat, trade, and exterminate, but to get there, the potential slaves need a brain, and a way to fight.

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