Progress Report: Slavesssssssss

Lets inspect the main elements of mindflayer economy that center around interaction with outsiders:

  • enslave: some creatures will rather fight to the death, while others will accept subjugation without complaints. In all cases, the creatures must be in a vulnerable or obedient state before they can be enslaved.
  • impregnate: same preconditions as enslave, just needs to be in the brain chamber.
  • eat: Flayers eat brains. Thralls are fed other thralls. I’ll allow flayers eating severed brains to survive, but to avoid a negative thought they’ll have to eat directly out of a skull ever so often. Same preconditions as enslave, with the side note just harvesting the brain would provide some sustenance as well.
  • trade/diplomacy: Hey, wanna trade this brain for your mirror? 😀 Or: gimme 100 gold or I’ll eat your brain. Needs at least a non-hostile creature.
  • exterminate: requires swatting a target until it is dead.

Translated into building blocks:

  • Approach a Thing (creature or object) [until in weapon range].
  • Attack a creature [until dead] [until incapacitated] [until scared away] [until mentally beaten] [with weapon].
  • Transport a Thing to location.
  • Order a creature to location.
  • Take thing into inventory.
  • Consume thing

We’ll also need to provide systems for:

  • Relationships between Flayers and the various towns and species. Some species are natural enemies, others tolerate flayers or collapse into crying heaps of brain the moment Flayers appear.
  • Basic object and inventories. If possible the first stockpiles.
  • Basic combat. I’ll keep it simple for now (x hitpoints, y damage per second). We’ll replace this later
  • Blood splatter and corpses!
  • Better system to handle actor-centric (timmy pick up that stone) or target-centric (someone attack that dwarf) orders.


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