Redblade 3.5

Just archiving Redblade 3.5’s source and putting it online is not going to be enough; ensuring its survival requires a developers guide and removal of its Delphi dependency.

For that reason I’ve downloaded an open source development environment instead; the latest version of lazarus, a Delphi emulator backed by Free Pascal 2.2.2

It was suprisingly easy to create a proof of concept working version of Redblade 3.5, as you can see in the picture.

I think a few nights of coding should be enough to create a polished Windows version, and if we’re lucky, a Linux and Mac. OS version. Any testers?

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  1. Miq-Tak

    I know nothing about coding, but I am ramping up for a 3.5 campaign, and would be happy to test anything what needs testing–I’ve had Redblade for years.

  2. H\'ombre

    Hi, I love your work, used lots of it when i used a PC. I miss the big box of flumph :) If you need testing software on a Mac i can be of help. Im not a programmer but i think i could spot potential bugs. :)


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