Redblade and progression

Even with a couple of short outages traffic is slowly picking up for Time to add some additional languages! I’d like to encourage people to share and increase community as well; everyone seems reluctant to click the ‘share’ button.

On a different note, vacation is coming up in two weeks, which should hopefully give me enough time to get Redblade CG released!

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  1. Gustavo

    Hey! Take your time, Redblade was a great work. We’re sure, that Redblade CG will be excelent. So if you need someone to translate some text to spanish, count me in. ^_^
    Success and take care.
    Happy vacations.

  2. Anonymous

    I Really hope you can get SRD done, i have been following for some time and would love to see it come to fruition.

  3. greyhaze

    Hope your vacation is workin out!

    – greyhaze.

  4. Miq-Tak

    So with the core Pathfinder rulebook out, I’ve been looking at the character generator options, and even the old Redblade is head and shoulders above the rest. I mean, in a no contest sort of way. A dataset for the final version of Pathinder, and there’s no question Redblade becomes the default app. for it. I’m jus’ saying…

  5. Anonymous

    I have to agree with Mig-Tak there. Redblade was incredible and with Paizo keeping the 3.5 rules alive, it would be nice to Redblade dusted off. I thought about using the old Redblade to get a Pathfinder character together but there are enough differences to make it a headache.

  6. Anonymous

    Redblade is great we have been using it for awhile now. Since Pathfinder is nearly identical it seems all that is needed is to make a few modifications to the campaign file.

  7. Anonymous

    All Redblade needs to work with Pathfinder Core is support for the new combat manuever system, the new class features, and some of changes to magic items. The class and race stuff is (in theory) easy to make happen, even in Redblade for 3.5, but I would like to see a version with full Pathfinder support.

  8. jdryner

    I was looking up redblade for some help files, and stumbled onto this page. It’s good to finally be able to put your name to your face. I still use redblade faithfully, and it rarely let’s me down (only when I try adding Savage Species data), but I think that that is mostly user error!

    jdryner at yahoo dot com

  9. Martin

    it is almost a year ago you said you would finish redblade CG but have not seen anything. why is that??

  10. Anonymous

    It would be amazing to finally have CG be released. I’ve been an avid follower and user since the beginning. I can’t simply wait to see the potential of the CG!

  11. Anonymous

    Hi Daan,
    i found your tool only recently and it works great but the CG looks even more promising :)
    Since the forum is flooded by spam i have to ask here…
    Is there any new info about the transition to open source or release of the GC?

  12. Pitfiend

    I wonder if you ever release something to the open source as you promised to do long ago. I don’t really care if it’s Delphi or FreePascal.

  13. Roland the walrus of doom.

    What they said, I love redblade but I wish it was more complete.

  14. Anonymous

    Dude, Redblade is amazing. Good work and I hope that you find the time to finish Redblade CG!

  15. Claytonofbricks

    You’re RedBlade program is awesome. Don’t let wizards of the coast releasing 5e make you think that there aren’t those of us who would rather play 3.5e. And we will always use RedBlade to create our characters. Props and I hope that this isn’t something that you’ve given up on.

  16. Timothy Crane

    Hi Daan! Any word on the release of the 3.5 source code, or the release of the Redblade CG beta? Thanks!

  17. Starlight

    I was looking about, and hunting as hard as I could for the source code of CG, because I was hoping I could learn some code and begin programming for it, but I find myself without luck.

    I look forward to hearing word about it’s release.


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