Redblade CG, Redblade 3.5

After reading up on all the pleading posts on the Redblade forums I’ve decided to release Redblade’s 3.5 source code into public domain, and Release CG as is. I would like it to become a successful open source project eventually, but for now I want to see if it has a chance.

3 Responses to “Redblade CG, Redblade 3.5”

  1. Anonymous

    Any news to release Redblade open source ?

  2. Anonymous

    I’m interested in redblade source code in order to translate it in french but where can i get the source ?

  3. Philippe Côté

    Still hoping that our “Mostly Original” dev will one day come back to old love:
    RedBlade – RedBlade – RedBlade – RedBlade



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