Sennheiser USB headset under Windows 7

I had some trouble getting my Sennheiser USB headset to work under Windows 7. Some of the headsets are incompatible with Vista (and Windows 7), but luckily can be upgraded.

How I got it to work:

  1. Plug your headset into a XP or Vista PC. The upgrading process won’t work under Windows 7.
  2. Download firmware upgrade.
  3. Run the downloaded executable. It will install a temporary driver, and upgrade the firmware on your headset.
  4. Done! Plug it into your Windows 7 machine.

13 Responses to “Sennheiser USB headset under Windows 7”

  1. PoKuTe

    Thanks a lot for the tip! I owe you a drink 😉

  2. Anonymous

    moi too :p

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the info.

    I did the update in windows 7 without any problems.

  4. Anonymous

    I got the same problem recently with my PC166. Thanks for your infomaiton and help!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, I did as your instructions. But my PC166 USB adapter still doesn’t work!

  6. sixian

    Hi, I did as your instructions. But my PC166 USB adapter still doesn’t work!

  7. Anonymous

    Great, finally my Sennheiser USB headset works with windows 7. Thank you.

  8. Anonymous

    I have managed to update under win 7.
    Just run the firmware update in compatibility mode of vista.
    Thanks for update of new firemware.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Anonymous

    brilliant!!!! Thank you.


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