Spermy and Petunia: Life Is Short (MiniLD 42)

When a bowl of petunias suddenly yanked into existence miles above a planet, it finds itself plunging towards the surface in the company of a rather happy go lucky sperm whale.
In Spermy and Petunia: Life is short you attempt help the whale attain some happiness, before it’s inevitable wet thud on the planet surface below.

Java 7 or higher required. Launch the exe, or alternatively download the Java 7 package and doubleclick spermy-desktop.jar.

Use cursor or adsw to move, hold space or e near the rainbow to suck up a color.

Hint: Position the whale’s blowhole over whatever color you want to suck up, press and hold E. Move away when you have the amount you want. Release E when you want to spray it. You can keep sucking until the bar is discolored.

Special Thanks to Andreas Boon for helping shape the gameplay mechanics. I’ve cheated a bit by spreading the normal time spent a bit outside the weekend and using some public domain sounds and music. No web version this time as I couldn’t get sound to work in time.

Windows (exe) | Windows (zip with jar) | Gameplay (Youtube) | Coding Timelapse (Youtube) | Source